Tweets from An Ocean Wide

Feb 16, 2015:@esistbritt haha welcome to Ventura County xD -- I have four roommates and pay about $360 a month (Zach)
Feb 16, 2015:@esistbritt why is what so difficult?
Feb 16, 2015:RT @esistbritt: @AnOceanWide @Joshilyy Go listen asap, k? K.
Feb 1, 2015:@Ethanlord60 well, I hope you enjoy reading it since you've obviously been hacked. :)
Jan 26, 2015:Simi Valley was rad today. Thanks for dancing -- it was way too cool.

An Ocean Wide, Christian Post Hardcore band out Los Angeles, was formed in September 2012. Members include: Brad Hughes-Vocals, Chris Marsh-Lead Guitar, Chad Bowe-Guitar/vocals, Seeking Bass Player, Allen Loyd-Drums. The band is currently holding auditions for a bassist. Their facebook is To get the latest of everything with the band, facebook is the best way to reach them.